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lovehotel formula for the emergence of the new is a video based on the online adventures of gashgirl (australian artist francesca da rimini). Shot in new york and tokyo, the video uses multiple narrative strategies to evoke a sense of the kind of internet space gashgirl was living suspended inside, in the years from 1994 to 1997. lovehotel gives insight into the kind of relationships that the gashgirl entity was involved in, particularly those of the Home of the Puppet Mistress at lambdamoo.

"Linda Wallace's video lovehotel is about the emergence of new spaces of interaction, of new technologies and of new formations of desire; it is about the meandering of an "Aberrant Intelligence" which hovers above and insinuates itself into our familiar habitats (physical and cyber) like a kind of inscrutable and formless spectre of the future." fromChris Rose' essay
The work was assisted by the Australian Film Commission.

6.45 minutes

material media: artefacts from a digital age
PhD, Australian National University, Canberra
november 2003

lovehotel video (youtube)


screen and audio text

by Chris Rose
philosophy department,
sydney university


short bio and lovehotel synopsis

based on excerpts from "fleshmeat" by francesca da rimini

sound by jason gee

shot, edited and concept by lindawallace

bio and address

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