transmediale jury comments:

eurovision takes the Eurovision Song Contest out of the year 2000, a topos of the European popular culture, as the starting point for a general research about the different image cultures of television, video and film and juxtaposes this in a stringent image organization whereby a number of 'arguments' and contexts are placed side by side. Above all, the jury was convinced by the sovereignty of this 'Montage' and the stringent content of the reference material.

transmediale image award. eurovision is one five award nominations from over 900 entries.

see machinehunger youtube channel for more excerpts

'One idea I was interested to investigate in eurovision, a video interactive, also shown as a single screen work, was the compositional variety multiple streaming video feeds could (theoretically) take into a single frame. I also enjoyed cutting up various narratives into threads and recombining these in novel ways, enhancing the development of new kinds of literacies, as well as playing with the idea of a 'truth to materials' in the digital environment. In terms of its subject matter, eurovision is to do with the kind of legacy left by global European cultural and science/technology media exports from the late fifties to the late sixties.'

eurovision, completed in March 2001, is a PAL format video @19.20 minutes, and a DVD interactive

material media: artefacts from a digital age
PhD, Australian National University, Canberra
november 2003

eurovision video excerpt (youtube)

distributor: Netherlands Media Art Institute, Montevideo/Time Based Arts.Stills available on request.
contact: Theus Zwakhals

shot, edited and concept by linda wallace

bio and address

sound by Shane Fahey, Megaphon Studios, Sydney

text by Anna Munster

Montevideo text

profile by Seth Keen, in "New Media Art in Australia and Asia", MESH #17

"Video Chaos" Master of Fine Arts thesis by Seth Keen which discusses eurovison and Linda Wallace's work in detail

artist's statement



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