An installation of eurovision is essentially site specific. I am developing the idea of architectural media space and would be interested to work with the curator in each case to develop an innovative response to the space. This response would feature at its most basic a large projection of the work, and building from that, multi-monitor/flat screen setups and large-scale digital prints.

Every installation must have seating available as the work is nearly twenty minutes long, and invites people to immerse within it. An excellent sound system must also be available.

When I refer to a sequence, eurovision is made of four sequences, each one prefaced by a snippet of the eurovision song contest.

A simple setup is the work projected as large as possible.

A second option is to have a large projection central, and then on the surrounding walls have a series of monitors both on the horizontal series and the vertical stack, featuring only one sequence of the work per series/stack. Flat screens are of course preferable for this series idea. These would be arranged by the artist depending on wall space, monitor size and monitor number. Each series would be driven by a single playback unit, so that all images in that series are perfectly synched. There is no synch of images between series/towers, as all sequences are different lengths. Hence what you get it is a work which never repeats itself over the day.

The idea is that a number of light sources create the work in the darkened space, and the series/stack adds emphasis to the _logic of the repeat_ within the work.

Lately I have been making large-scale prints. Depending on the space available, these prints are a third possible component. These are to be quite large, can be in series, perhaps situated outside the main projected space, like questions waiting to be answered.

A further idea is to actually stream the work, or components of the work. This aspect is currently in development with a university-based research organisation.