material media: artefacts from a digital age

dissertation introduction

chapter 1 televisual terrain
section one:
media spatialities and the construction of normalcy 7
human perceptual apparatus 11
cognitive dissonance 15
television and addiction 20
section two: 24
global and historical televisual communities 25
contemporary television communities and narrative 28
public television and artist access dreams 36

chapter 2 screenworld
the takeover of public space, or,
lost in screenworld 45
resistant spaces, resistant subjects 53

chapter 3 mediazone
media reuse background 59
why reuse media now? 66
::contagion:: 70
copyright conflicts 81
Philip Williams╣ spatialities 84
Stan Douglas: reuse by resonance and contagion 88
Janos Sugar 93
Pat Hoffie 95
Jamie Waag 97
media reuse now 99

chapter 4 netspace
webcams: reuse by affiliation 110
internet database works 118
machinic aesthetics of code 120

chapter 5 conclusions


nb. images are not yet up on the site for either the dissertation case studies or the study report (as referenced in the various texts)

report on the studio practice
introduction 1
PROBE: explorations of Australian computational space 8
lovehotel 24
eurovision 34
conclusions 58

addenda items
PROBE essay
PROBE media coverage