material media:
artefacts from a digital age

Linda Wallace's PhD material media: artefacts from a digital age was completed in November 2003 at the Australian National University, Canberra.
see Table of Contents and pdfs of the dissertation and report.

The presentation of the thesis comprises the Studio Practice component (66%), the culmination of which takes the form of an exhibition of video works held at ANU School of Art from March 18 to 26 2004 and the Studio Report which documents the nature and development of the research undertaken during the course of the study, together with the Dissertation component (33%). The Studio Practice component has been based in the Photomedia Workshop and has examined the topic through the production of two video works, lovehotel and eurovision, as well as the curatorial project PROBE: explorations into Australian computational space, staged in Beijing in October 1999. The Dissertation undertakes an analysis of contemporary artists╣ re-use of media, framed by the key themes of the thesis which are: înew spaces of enclosure,╣ in particular global media space, the idea of truth to materials in the digital environment and the idea of remediation. It argues that such media reuse is not only valid but of growing importance in our media saturated world.