What attracted me about Linda Wallace's piece, and I don't know about people in Australia but we obsessively watched the news coverage of the Iraq War, and we hopped from channel to channel because we all kept hoping that we'd get some new insight or a new bit of information. What she's done is essentially a collage, a collage of many many different reporters -- this sense of hundreds of voices speaking but somehow no real progress being made.... " Anna Somers Cocks, founding editor of the Art Newspaper, London, speaking on ABCTV about entanglements at the 2004 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art.

see machinehunger youtube channel for more excerpts of entaglements

entanglements, completed in february 2004, is a PAL format video/dvd @11 minutes 30seconds by Linda Wallace

bio and address

sound by Shane Fahey, Megaphon Studios, Sydney

essay by Chris Rose, first published in the catalogue for the 2004 Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art, Art Gallery of South Australia, February 2004

images from the work

images from installations

profile by Seth Keen, in "New Media Art in Australia and Asia", MESH #17

material media: artefacts from a digital age
PhD, Australian National University, Canberra
november 2003

Footage for entanglements has been sourced from: SBS News, Iraq war coverage and Current Affairs programs (including BBC Iraq war coverage and documentaries); Channels 7 and 9 News and Iraq war coverage; ABC News, Iraq war coverage and the 7.30 Report; a Vodafone commercial and the introductory sequence to Channel 9's The Block. All this material was broadcast in Australia in 2003.

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