LivingTomorrow realises a territory of place and placelessness. Displayed as three projections in the gallery, the imagery is composed of a kaleidoscope of green fields, blue skies, popular television and urban environments. These video fragments pivot in and around one another, alternating on each of the three screens. The imagery is cut up, mirrored, re-played and set into visual echoes across the space. (Victoria Lynn, from the essay, link below)

LivingTomorrow is a database-driven video archive installation work produced as artist-in-residence at Nederlands Instituut voor Mediakunst, Amsterdam. It was launched on March 11 2005. There is subsequently also a single channel video work called LivingTomorrow: the episode, as well as a DVD installation version. This is more like a three screen immersive cinema, and presented new and other challenges to the original in which the narrative fragments can be, and are, seen in any order.

LivngTomorrow was installed in Back to Berlin, an exhibition of video works by Linda Wallace, January 31 to February 11, 2007.
NewYorkRioTokyo Gallery
Eberswalder Str. 4, Berlin. Back to Berlin was a transmediale partner event.
review of the Back to Berlin exhibition in RealTime arts

LivngTomorrow was installed at Videomedeja in September 2005. The installation was shown in February 2006 at 24HRArt in Darwin, Australia and selected for competition at the Viper Festival in Basel, March 2006.

Sound for LivingTomorrow is by Tim Elzer.

see machinehunger youtube channel for more excerpts of Living Tomorrow

images from the installation

Victoria Lynn's March 11 opening remarks on the work in the context of Archive, Montage, Network

Victoria Lynn's essay on the installation and other works by the artist
essay, German translation
read the Dutch translation of Victoria Lynn'e essay on LivingTomorrow
hear the audio report from the opening by Papa Sakho on Amsterdam's Migrant to Migrant radio (with Paulien Geitenbeek)

responses to the work by Tatiana Goryucheva, Nancy Mauro-Flude and Marina Turco

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research results

technical description

images from work. These indicate the way the three streams could be seen at different moments when projected onto places like Amsterdam city windows, train stations or airports. Please note, these are not streams, just still images showing potential combinations at any given time.

During the launch exhibition at Montevideo from March 11 LivingTomorrow was shown along with other works by Linda Wallace, including the installation version of entanglements (2004), eurovision and lovehotel , as well as earlier works.

A critique of LivingTomorrow, written by DJ/media theorist Toshiya Ueno will soon be published in the Japanese journal Sekai (translation coming soon) This text particularly focuses on the database aspect of the work -- given that it was a database, it was able to incorporate the assassination of Theo van Gogh into the charactersı dialogue soon after the unexpected event. In fact this live Œeventı became the structuring device of the work.

material media: artefacts from a digital age
PhD, Australian National University, Canberra
November 2003

profile by Seth Keen, in "New Media Art in Australia and Asia", MESH #17

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